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Excursions and round trips

Singaraja, the Old Capital

With a population of more than 100000 people, Singaraja (which means 'Lion King') is Bali's second largest city.Located north of Jl. Erlangga,with its treelined streets, Dutch colonial buildings and charming waterfront area,it's worth wandering around for a few hours.

Gedong Kirtya (Singaraja)

This small historical library was established in 1928 by Dutch colonialists and named after the Sanskrit word meaning 'to try'. It has a collection of lotar (dried palm leaves) books, as well as some even older written works in the form of inscribed copper plates called prasati. Dutch publications, dating back to 1901, may interest students of the colonial period.

Kubutambahan Tempel

Pura Maduwe Karang " the temple of the owner of the land " is dedicated to mother earth and the sun, worshipped to ensure successful fertilization of crops grown on dry, unirrigated land such as coconuts, corn and coffee. The temple was built in 1890, the temple carvings show some fertility motives and some erotic scenes.

Sekumpul Wasserfall

Sekumpul waterfall is a tip for tourists who would rather avoid the larger tourist attractions. Few people visit this wonderful place. On the way through the rice fields to the stairs leading to the waterfall, you will find a small warung where you can buy drinks and food for a picnic.