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Insight into Balinese culture and religion
Our staff will take you belong to their temple ceremonies and dress you for the occasion. You have the option to take part in a traditional Balinese ceremony and to receive the blessing of a holy priest. You can experience a cleansing ceremony, make offerings to your ancestors, family and loved ones, or just give thanks for all the beautiful things in your life. Participate in traditional and religions dance to get a deeper insight into the fascination of Bali. We recommend a stroll through the local village to gain an sight into the authentic life of Balinese people. The people from the village cook over the open fires, and water for daily us still has to be drawn from the well

In Bali about 80% of the population belong to Hinduism. Festivity or everyday life – on Bali religion is a formative force. Somewhere a festival is held on Bali every day, in order to preserve the harmony between man and the cosmos. Bali is Hinduism with thousands of temples, cultish dances, magnificent rites of rice cultivation and a fascinating death cult. Dances are still performed to win the good or ward off evil spirits. One pays homage to ancestors and is dedicating a ceremony to the gods.

Every day offering are made of rice, flowers and incense sticks. The Balinese put them to important places to express their gratitude for food, water, shelter, fire and defense against and appeasement of the demons, in honor to the spirits and Gods. The smoke of the incense stick serves as “transportation” for the essence of the offerings.