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Sananda Children Support
The Sananda Children Support makes it possible for local children to attend school. At this time, our project supports between 35 and 40 children.

In Indonesia, schools are not supported by the state, and each family has to pay relatively a high school fees. In addition, there are costs for school uniforms, books and other materials. If the school isn’t located in the village or at least closed by, transport costs constitute an additional expense. This is usually the case with high school, where long distances between home and school have to be taken into consideration. Many families, in particular those in the mountain villages and in the north, cannot afford to send their children to school because they do not have the money. Jobs in these areas are hard to come by. The families we support live in poor conditions, leading a lifestyle hardly possible for us to imagine. The huts they live in, usually a single room, consist of bare brick walls and a corrugated iron.
If you would like to help us in our effort, there are a number of options.

As a sponsor, you can directly support one balinese child. Sponsors ideally feel it to be their duty to support their “adopted” child over several years, up to the end of high school.

As a donor you support the Sananda Children Support as a whole. All money donated goes into a account from which unforeseen expenses which the families themselves are unable to afford can be paid Such expenses includes, for example medical and/or hospital fees. If the money is available, help can be offered when a roof needs to be fixed or other urgent repairs need to be carried out.

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These are the school fees per child per year:

1 - 6. class
junior highschool
  sFr.350 - 450 .-
  €250 - 320
senjor highschool
  sFr.400 - 500 .-
  €290 - 360

The costs include school fees, uniform ,books and other school material. They vary depending on the type and location of the school.

Here you can see some supported kids