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Luxury Escapes with Jetwing Boutique Collection takes you on a journey around Sri Lanka offering an incredible vista into the lifestyle, nature and wildlife of the island.

Swimming relies on the nearly neutral buoyancy of the human body. On average, the body has a relative density of 0.98 compared to water, which causes the body to float. However, buoyancy varies based on body composition, lung inflation, muscle and fat content, centre of gravity and the salinity of the water.

Higher levels of body fat and saltier water both lower the relative density of the body and increase its buoyancy. Human males tend to have a lower centre of gravity and higher muscle content, therefore find it more difficult to float or be buoyant. See also: Hydrostatic weighing.

Since the human body is less dense than water, water is able to support the weight of the body during swimming. As a result, swimming is “low-impact” compared to land activities such as running.

The density and viscosity of water also create resistance for objects moving through the water. Swimming strokes use this resistance to create propulsion, but this same resistance also generates drag on the body.

Hydrodynamics is important to stroke technique for swimming faster, and swimmers who want to swim faster or exhaust less try to reduce the drag of the body’s motion through the water. To be more hydrodynamically effective, swimmers can either increase the power of their strokes or reduce water resistance, though power must increase by a factor of three to achieve the same effect as reducing resistance.

Efficient swimming by reducing water resistance involves a horizontal water position, rolling the body to reduce the breadth of the body in the water, and extending the arms as far as possible to reduce wave resistance.

Offer for 30-day stays

  • Special rate of USD 3,650 for two adults on Half Board basis
    (EUR 3,200 / GBP 2,750)

Offer for 45-day stays

  • Special rate of USD 4,950 for two adults on Half Board basis

Value additions

  • Free Airport transfer (one-way)
  • 25% discount on A la carte meals
  • 20% discount on spa treatments
  • 15% discount on extra meals
  • 15% discount on laundry
  • Guests are allowed to combine multiple hotels (from the list below) during the stay
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